Twiss Analytical Laboratories Moves in Port Angeles

Twiss Analytical Laboratories, of Poulsbo, have moved their courier/sample pickup service location next to JACE Real Estate Company at 330 East First Street, Suite 3.  The move was effective June 6, 2006.

 Courier service is only on Tuesdays with sample pickup at 11:30am.  Bottle, forms and sampling instructions are available at this location any day of the week.

 The public is encouraged to call the Poulsbo laboratory with any questions they may have regarding this courier service, water testing and cost of analysis.

 Steve and Becky Twiss, owners of Twiss Analytical, wish to express their thanks to Ian McKelvie and his staff at John L. Scott, for their gracious hospitality for use of his business location for this courier service in Port Angeles over the past few years.