One of a Kind Private Lab in Kitsap

Do you own a private well and want to know what's in the water?  Is your backyard garden soil suitable for growing tomatoes?  Twiss Analytical Laboratories can give you the answers.  Steve and Becky Twiss started the company in 1990.  Their facilities are located in he Twelve Trees Business Park in Poulsbo.  It is the only privately owned environmental and drinking water quality laboratory in West Puget Sound.

Accredited by the Washington State Department of Ecology (DOE), Twiss Analytical Laboratories performs chemical and bacteriological tests on drinking water and other environmental samples.  The company can provide a full range of analytical services to meet the regulatory monitoring requirements of public and private water systems.  It also performs tests that are required for local building permits and certain real estate transactions.

The company's capabilities can detect fecal and coliform matter in water samples, as well as an assortment of toxic metals including arsenic, mercury, and lead.  Twiss can also analyze lawn and garden soil and make recommendations as to soil amendments necessary to ensure the proper growing environment for a particular crop.

What is special about this business?  Steve an Becky point to the company's certification by the DOE, its status as the only privately-held environmental and drinking water lab on the peninsula; and its reputation for customer-friendly service.  "Most of our business growth has been by word-of-mouth advertising," said Steve.  "We work hard to help our customers find solutions to their problems.  They appreciate it and reward us with referrals."

The company continues to expand its services.  Recently it added organic testing capabilities.  When asked about the effect of emerging technologies on their business, the owners point to a recent equipment purchase.  "This one instrument allows us to test for seven individual chemicals simultaneously," Becky noted.  "It allowed us to replace three older instruments that had outlived their usefulness.  The new instrument improves the accuracy, precision and speed of our testing process."

Committed to community involvement, Twiss Analytical has regularly participated in the annual Water Festival at Olympic College.  At the event company staff teaches fourth graders how the earth naturally purifies water by having them build filters out of gravel, sand and soil.  The company is also a recognized EnviroStar Business in Kitsap County.

The Twiss's are attracted to doing  business in Kitsap County because of the abundant and highly skilled technical labor force, progressive schools, the pristine natural environment, and the ready access to large population centers.  The only downside they ee is the added time and expense normally associated with transporting critical supplies and equipment on the peninsula.  Looking ahead 3-5 years, the couple anticipates more employees and a larger facility.