Twiss Analytical now providing the only water
and environmental testing services west of Seattle

In January 2006 Kitsap Countys health departments environmental testing lab closed its doors. This has proven to be a huge boon for Twiss Analytical Laboratories of Poulsbo. Now the only water and environmental testing lab this side of Puget Sound, Twiss Analytical has increased its business by around 25 percent, according to Becky Twiss, vice president of marketing and sales for the lab.

It has had a significant impact on our business, she said.

Twiss Analytical was founded by Becky Twiss and her husband Steve, who is the labs president and laboratory director, in the early 1990s. The laboratorys services include drinking water analysis, environmental analysis for monitoring and compliance, agricultural soil fertility testing and hazardous waste designation testing.

With the health department lab closed, Twiss Analytical now performs many of the larger services the health department used to, such as lake water monitoring. In addition, it has taken over residential water testing for individuals.

Unless theyre going across the water were serving their lab services needs, said Twiss.

In response to the business increase Twiss Analytical has increased its staff and added an additional courier service for sample drop-off and pickup.